The List of Changes

6/23/16 Ideas? Suggestions? What to Do

The headings on the Changelog page have been fixed, "Reddit" was added to the "Cool Things" page, and new ideas are yet to be implemented into the site. More will come, but the date of when they are coming is unkown.

4/29/16 Fixing Things

The bottom border on the homepage was fixed. Bootstrap was added to the home page as well. More pictures may be coming in the future.

1/29/16 New Images

The image sources were removed, and therefore the background and the bird vanished. They were replaced with new pictures.

9/27/15 Arrival of "Cool Things"

The "Cool Things" tab has been added, the next step is to work on the design and layout of the entire website. More links will be added as more websites are uncovered.

9/19/15 Cool Things Tab Adjustments

Links are being added to the cool things tab, it has not been released yet.

9/4/15 Adjusting Some Code

The style.css tab was adjusted, getting rid of useless code.

8/23/15 Navigation Link, Contact

A link to contact.html was added to the contact tab, but the contact tab(along with the other tabs) are still in the barebones stage. More updates will occur in the coming weeks.

8/14/15 One Link to Rule Them All

A link was added to the "About Me" page. The link goes to pictures of "Yeni Raki".

8/13/15 Attempts to fix footer

I've noticed the footer does not really work, and therefore I have been trying to fix it with no luck. EDIT:It may have been fixed.

8/11/15 Cool Things

The "Cool Things" page is being adjusted, it has not yet been released.(Release Date:A long time from now)

8/10/15 More Attempts, Bootstrap

So I've been looking to implement Bootstrap into my website, but I'm not really sure how it works, I'll have to look into it more. I believe a link href needs to be added to each html page, but then again I'm not too sure. I also had to change the illusion on the front page because the old image no longer worked.

8/8/15 404 Change Attempts

Attempts were made to change the look of the 404 page, the attempts did not succeed.

7/27/15 Nav-tuning, and More Changes

The navigation bar has under gone some changes, and the div class "ad" was removed. For the nav, changes were made to the padding and display values, and attempts were made to get the nav bar to the very top of the page(A 1px line now stands within its path to the top). Also, the user can now click the space around a nav link to go to the link. The "ad" was removed because it made the homepage too intrusive.

7/23/15 Some Changelog changes

Today I added a border, and adjusted some margins inside the changelog.

7/22/15 The Beginning of the Changelog

Today I added a new favicon to the site! How awesome is that! I also made the navigation bar a bit smaller in order to add the "Changelog" tab. I have also been attempting to modify the navigation bar with little luck.